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Finding What Works & What Inspires

There are so many aspects of a garden that can touch our lives.  For many people living in this thriving urban environment, our gardens are our deepest, most personal connection each day to the natural world - the trees outside our windows, the sweet scent of herbs or ripe fruit wafting through the summer air; flowers & seeds attracting birds, bees, and other pollinators and wildlife into our yards.


My aim is to find the right mixture of wild & order for your space, your family, and for your life. 'Wild' & 'order' mean different things to different people. For you, wild might mean mixing select native plants to your perennial borders, it might mean a vibrant amount of color or contrast; or it might mean creating a haven for pollinators & birds. Perhaps your wild involves a private reading nook or an outdoor kitchen to escape to on hot summer nights?


Similarly, your sense of order will land somewhere on a spectrum between highly-groomed and laissez-faire.  Let's find the right blend for you - where thoughtful hardscaping and a realistic maintenance plan can make your garden a refuge rather than a headache.  

Services Provided

  • Landscape design for residential properties in the Portland-Vancouver region

  • Garden consultations to discuss ideas, troubleshoot specific issues or facilitate your DIY ambitions

  • Garden coaching to increase your confidence in maintaining your own yard 

  • Plant sourcing to match your final planting plan or to find that perfect specimen that will feature as a focal point for your space

  • Training & Pruning - formative shaping or restorative pruning on shrubs, vines, and small trees (<15 ft tall) to get things looking great and/or get them back on track! 

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