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Garden Consultations

Let's talk! A personalized garden consultation (typically about 2 hours) will let us review your property on-site, identify priorities for your yard, and brainstorm budget-appropriate solutions or improvements.  Consultations are a great way to purposely gather ideas, so you can forge ahead with your own DIY improvements or know when to reach out to arborists, contractors or other professionals.  After we meet, I will provide you a summary of what we discussed, including specific plant or material recommendations and referrals.

I’m happy to discuss plants (specific suggestions suited to your site conditions, establishment, fertilizing, pruning, renovation, what to keep, what to compost), garden bed & lawn layouts, soil health, water conservation techniques, and hardscapes (decks, patios, outdoor kitchens). As a designer, I like to see functional, beautiful, and lived-in gardens. I believe everyone has their own optimal set point for both the "wild" and the "order" in their lives.  I’ll strive to find that balance for you so your yard can be functional while also nurturing your spirit, delighting your senses, and welcoming you home each day.  

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